As the Bahria Town Specialist, Saigal Estates is the go-to agency for all things Bahria Town and have been working with them for over a decade. We are the authorized dealers for all Bahria Town projects, whether they’re in or outside of Pakistan. Best known for giving our wide spread clientele an array of investment options, Saigal Estates is much more than your typical estate agency – we are an investment company and our biggest investment is You and our most prized asset is the Trust and Faith that you’ve put in us. It is you who have helped us become one of the most credible and reputable players in the market today.

We are one of the most accredited investment companies in not just Lahore but all over Pakistan with years of experience under our belt. With a team that’s proven itself in a multitude of fields, Saigal Estates is perfectly positioned and equipped to help you make a fortune on your investment.

Experience and market knowledge are perhaps two of the most instrumental factors that can make or break your investment. While dealing with Saigal Estates however, you do not have to worry about either since we are known for putting the needs of our invaluable clients ahead of our own. This approach of ours resonates with our biggest objective i.e. to serve you. Standing amongst the renowned real estate companies of Pakistan, Saigal Estates have helped many in seeking the house of their dreams over the past years. The company specializes in advising quality investments to their clients which always yield heavy profits.

In the versatile market of Pakistan, real estate investments usually yield heavy profits but in some cases the land loses its value and thus a lot of money is lost. Saigal Estates prevents such events as the mission of the company is to provide the investors with superior returns through prudent investments in the real estate of Pakistan.

Mission Statement

Saigal Estates is a name people have come to associate with trust. This close association is a matter of pride for us. We strive for perfection and go an extra mile to cater to all needs of our clients. Our mission, from day 1, has been to serve our investors in the best possible manner by stretching the boundaries of what can and cannot be done.